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Protect your computer

Protect your ComputerEach year hundreds of student computers on campus are infected with a virus, trojan program or spyware. Virginia Tech provides free anti-virus software and assistance. Protect your computer before you become a statistic.

Clean it Up

Clean it UpIs your computer not working properly? Do you have excessive pop up windows? Has your network connection been turned off? Your computer may be infected. It's time for a cleanup.


General Virus Info

General Virus InfoRead here for general information on types of viruses, worms, and trojans. Also learn what to do to protect your computer if you are unsure you have a virus, etc.

Current Threats at VT

Current Threats at VTThese informative articles will keep you abreast of recent virus infections both globally and locally here in the Virginia Tech community. If you have gotten a virus recently, this is the place to go for solutions.

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