W32.Naked@mm Virus

March 7, 2001

A new and extremely dangerous virus hit computer users this week. Called the W32Naked@mm by anti-virus companies, it is better known as the 'Naked Wife' virus because it spreads through an attachment called NakedWife.exe. The subject of the message is 'FW: Naked Wife'. If you open the attachment, the virus will pretend to load a Flash movie while it attempts to mail itself out to everyone in your address book. Once it has sent out copies, the virus deletes all 'DLL', 'INI', 'EXE', 'BMP', 'LOG', and 'COM' files in the Windows and Windows\System directories. This makes it impossible for you to reboot your computer. The only way to fix an infected computer is to reinstall Windows, which can result in the loss of data.

NOTE: 4Help cannot help reinstall infected computers.

Updated virus definitions for Norton AntiVirus and other anti-virus programs will detect this virus to prevent infection. Instructions for removing the virus can be found here:

http://service1.symantec.com/sarc/sarc.nsf/html/W32.Naked@mm.html External Link