Total Security Malware

September 21, 2009

Total Security is a rogue anti-spyware program that is a clone of Antivirus 360. This program is installed via Trojans that display fake security alerts about threats to your computer and then installs Total Security without your permission on to your computer. Once installed, Total Security will scan your computer and display a variety of infections that cannot be removed until you purchase the program. These infections, though, do not really exist and are being shown to scare you into purchasing the program. While running, Total Security will constantly barrage you with nag screens and fake security warnings about problems on your computer. Just like the fake infection results, these alerts are just a tactic being used to scare you into purchasing the program. Last, but not least, you will see a window labeled Total Security Protection Center that impersonates the legitimate Windows Security Center. This protection center states that your computer has no protection and recommends that you purchase Total Security. It goes without saying that you should not purchase anything from this company.


This incarnation of AV 360 also uses more powerful techniques in order to keep it from being uninstalled. First, it will terminate popular anti-malware programs such as MalwareBytes' Anti-malware so that you cannot use them to remove this program. Therefore, in order to remove the program you must first terminate it's running process before you can use many anti-malware applications. Total Security also hijacks your Internet Explorer browser so that you cannot visit well known anti-malware sites such as It does this by automatically redirecting you when you visit one of these blacklisted sites to a warning page saying that the site you are visiting will be harmful. This technique is easily overcome by using a different browser such as Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Chrome.


There are removal instructions available from a third party site to help clean up this malware: