VBS.VBSWG2.X@mm Worm

May 9, 2001

The VBS.VBSWG2.X@mm worm is rapidly spreading around the Internet and and has been spotted at Virginia Tech. The code spreads via an e-mail attachment named 'homepage.HTML.vbs'. Many systems are set to hide the final extension so the file appears to be 'homepage.HTML'. Once opened, the code accesses one of four pornographic web pages and sends itself out to all addresses in the Microsoft Outlook address book. Symantec released new virus definitions May 8, 2001 to detect this virus and prevent infections. Norton AntiVirus users should run LiveUpdate to make sure they are up to date. More information is available at:

http://www.sarc.com/avcenter/venc/data/vbs.vbswg2.x@mm.html External Link