WARNING: These removal instructions are for advanced users only

You must have your Windows 95/98 CD in order to completely repair your system. If you have further questions or require assistance repairing this virus, please contact 4Help at 4-4357 from on campus or 540/231-4357 off campus.  4Help cannot provide assistance if you don't have your Windows 95/98 CD, in which case you must contact your computer vendor.


Signs of Infection - a list of filenames that may indicate you are infected with the W95.MTX virus.  Check here to verify you have the W95.MTX virus before proceeding.


Option 1) Automatic Virus Removal & System File Repair (Recommended)

Because the W95.MTX virus damages several Windows system files, manually removing and repairing this virus is a complicated process.  It is therefore recommended that you download the 'Fixmtx' tool which was created by Symantec to automatically remove and repair any traces of the virus.  Instructions for this procedure are outlined within.

Option 2) Manual Virus Removal

This procedure will update your virus definitions, scan your computer for infected files and repair or delete them.  You must have Norton AntiVirus software installed to use these manual instructions.  If you do not have Norton AntiVirus installed, we recommend that you install it from the VTNET2000 CD before proceeding.

After manually removing the virus, you must repair system files that were deleted in the removal process.  You will need your Windows 95/98 CD to perform this repair.  If you do not have your Windows 95/98 CD, contact your computer manufacturer for assistance.