What is a Backup?

A Backup is you writing your computer data from the computer harddrive to some removable media like an external USB harddrive, DVD-R/DVD-RW, CD-R/CD-RW, or external disk so that you will have a copy of it. It is important to store the media in a safe place until it is needed.

What should you Backup when trying to recover from a virus attack:

It is impossible to tell you all the data you need to backup, but here are some general ideas.

Save data that cannot be replaced easily and is important to you. Do not back up programs, because they can be reinstalled using the original installation method (for example, from a CD/DVD). For example, do not back up Microsoft Word but do back up any important Word documents that you have.

Typically people miss their:

  • e-mail addresses/contacts list
  • e-mail messages
  • Favorites list (bookmarks)
  • Word and Excel Documents
  • music (mp3s) files
  • digital pictures
  • etc.

Some specifics:

Let Windows do the work.

  1. Use the built-in Windows Backup utility for Windows Vista it is located in the Control Panels in the Backup and Restore Center please see: Windows Backup and Restore Center.