Use System Restore to load an earlier snapshot of Windows 7/8

  1. For Windows 7, Click Start, Control Panel, Select View by:Small icons, Recovery, and then Open System Restore.

    For Windows 8, From the Start screen start typing the word: Control Panel and press enter, Select View by:Small icons, Recovery, and then Open System Restore.

    The "Restore system files and settings" window opens.
    "Restore system files and settings" window
  2. Click Next.
  3. Place a check in the Show restore points older than 5 days. Then select a date and time from the list of available restore points.

    (Just select the most recent available restore point that you believe predates the introduction of the spyware/virus. Remember, this will undo all changes made to your system, including any software updates, though it won't delete documents you've created since the restore point. So be conservative; start by going back 2 weeks maybe, you can always try again with an earlier restore point.)

    and click Next. All affected system files will be added, removed, or changed to the same versions that were in the computer's system file configuration on the selected date.

    CAUTION: Software and drivers installed after the selected date may not work correctly and may need to be reinstalled.
    "Choose a restore point" window
  4. Scan for Affected Programs : This feature of System Restore will let you to scan your system to find all Programs and files that were added from selected Restore point and programs and files that were delete from selected Restore point.

  5. Click Next
  6. Click Finish in the "Confirm your restore point" window.
  7. Click Yes in the confirmation message that opens.
  8. The computer should shut down and turn back on automatically after the restoration completes.
    The Restoration Complete window appears.
    Success message
  9. Click Close .The computer has now been restored to a previous time when it worked correctly.
    NOTE: If an error message appears stating that the computer cannot be restored to the point selected, try System Restore again using a different restore point. If errors persist, the only option may be to revert the computer back to the original software configuration, a reformat.
  10. After System Restore is finished, update computer software as follows:
    1. Update the virus definitions.
    2. Get the latest critical system updates using Microsoft's Windows update.
    3. Reinstall any programs that you installed after the date of the restore point you picked.

Undoing a System Restore

To set the software configuration as it was, slightly prior to when system restore was used, use System Restore again. Select a restore point that occurs prior to the date of the System Restore and is described with "Undo: Restore Operation".
"Choose a restore Point" window